Compositing Training institute in Hyderabad

Compositing Training institute in Hyderabad

  • Instructor William Logan
  • 2 Students Enrolled
  • Course Duration 21 week
  • Price ₹85,000.00

Software used :Silhouette, Mocha, Photoshop & Nuke.


This course is designed for them who want to get into visual effects. Regardless of your background as long as you have the passion and a desire to learn about visual effects.

This is the final process in a VFX pipeline. Here is where the film director’s imagination and creativity put into a final image. Compositing means combining all various elements in a way that makes them appear to naturally belong in the same space. In this process, we use masks and mattes from roto departments, clean plates from paint/bg prep department and CG elements from the CG department.


  1. Basic Knowledge about rotoscoping and paint.
  2. Passionate about creative and VFX work.
  3. That’s all, rest we will take care.

What you will learn:

  • How to use roto and paint in compositing
  • How to key a subject from green/blue screen
  • How to merge all the elements
  • How to do 2d and 3d tracking
  • How to do color correction
  • How to merge all various elements into one


User Avatar William Logan

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